Lyrics for Forever

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© 2015 Stephen K. Roberts

I can write with this heart forever,
It once was broken, but it held together,
It’s been swollen up with pride,
Forced to take a side,
Thrown away by better than you babe,
But it keeps beating out the measure,
Sorrow, joy, and pleasure,
I can write with this heart forever.

And I can sing with this voice forever,
It may grow soft or start to creak like leather,
It was pitchy at its best,
Still I can’t give it a rest,
It’s been criticized by bigger than you babe,
But it’s the only one I own,
And it’s gonna call me home,
Yes, I can sing with this voice forever.

I can walk on this earth forever,
Ride the wind, meander with the river,
Be a thought in someone’s mind,
Convince them to be kind,
Be part of something bigger than me babe,
It’s like a double feature,
Reclaimed by mother nature,
I can walk on this earth forever.

And you could write on this heart forever,
All it takes is a word, or gesture,
And we’re connected by a thread,
That’s part of one big web,
It stretches ‘cross this great big world, babe,
And it never goes away,
You can go or you can stay,
But you can write on this heart forever.

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