Lyrics for The Day Is Done

The Day Is Done

© 2014 Stephen K. Roberts

Get up, get up, get up, get up,
Force your feet to find the floor,
Give all you’ve got for not a lot,
Swim like hell to reach the shore,
Punch the time clock, punch the keys,
Punch those numbers on the phone,
Resist the urge to punch the guy,
Who’s barking orders from his throne,
You trick yourself that busy makes the time go fast,
But isn’t the point to make each moment last.

The day is done,
Leave your cares upon the doorstep,
The night is young,
Lead your partner in a two-step,
You’re not too old,
To fly above the dusted floor,
And in the sigh of each last chord,
You’re content forever more.

Toss and turn, toss and turn,
Composing emails in your head,
Running through tomorrow’s scenarios,
Runs the comfort from your bed,
You fall asleep wonderin’ if these sheep,
Are being herded just like you?
Except you’ve heard the freedom call,
Of the fiddle and the ol’ one-two.
You whisk each workday quickly into past,
But isn’t the point to make each moment last.



Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up,
You’ve been asleep for far too long,
Awaken from your zombie trance,
Hear the music, sing along,
Find the beat now, find the groove,
Make it part of every day,
Find the rhythm everywhere,
Don’t give any part away,
When there’s only now, no future and no past,
Each moment can be infinite and vast.


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