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Lyrics for Coming Home

[As usual, you can listen to the song in the previous post or on Soundcloud.]

Coming Home

© 2011 Stephen K. Roberts

Oh I’ve never understood those,
Who kick up such a big fuss,
Every time the two of them will be apart,
Such a lack of heart.
And I’ve never understood those,
Who have to stick together,
Closer than two books upon a study shelf,
Such a lack of self.

You and I, we know we’re gonna come and go,
You and I, we want to see each other grow,
And we can’t really say we’re lonely,
When it’s nice to be alone ,
But it feels so good, to know I’m coming home.

The alarm goes off this morning,
I reach out to where you lay,
But you won’t be back for many days and nights,
It’ll be all right.
And as I head off this morning,
I can’t help but miss that one thing,
Launch some love across the time zones through the sky,
Feel my kiss good-bye.

You and I, we see across infinity.
You and I, we hear a wind-borne melody.
Now the voice I miss is filtered,
Through a telephone,
So it feels so good to know you’re coming home.

Coming home, coming home,
Coming home, coming home.

Seems we’ve always been together,
But that simply isn’t true,
There was once a time your dreams did not include me,
That’s no tragedy.
Seems we’ll always be together,
But that simply isn’t true,
There will come a day when death will do us part,
Don’t let it break your heart.

‘Cause you and I, we’ll see, across infinity,
Yes you and I, we’ll hear that wind-borne melody.
When our traveling days are over,
And there’s no place left to roam,
It will feel so good to know we’re coming home.