First song post: For My Guitar (Singin’ Wood)

So this is the first song post and for those of you that have heard some of my material before, I thought it would be best to start off with a brand new one.

The way I see this working, for now, is that when I post a song, I will do so without commentary (this first time being the exception), so that there is no distraction. The next post will be the lyrics, in case any of them weren’t clear, and then another post with some commentary about how the song came into being.

Right here at the start I would like to mention, that I am fully aware of my limitations as a vocalist and instrumentalist, so I’m more interested in commentary about the song. I am looking toward working with others, or even possibly a professional demo in the future, but for now, it is what is is.

Hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “First song post: For My Guitar (Singin’ Wood)

  1. Davilyn

    Wow Stephen – glad I logged on today!

    Lightfoot be warned – Stephen is on the way!

    Re: the song – I like it but found it a bit repetitive – needed more change-ups I thought – a bit too formulaic.
    There – said.

    Looking forward to more.
    Love you


    1. Stephen Roberts Post author

      Yay! My first comment. Thanks Dav.I hear what you are saying in terms of the repetition. Usually with a song form like this I would change up the arrangement a bit by varying the instrumentation, and/or adding harmonies, a solo, or a counter-melody. It’s by no means a completed production, but I wanted to kick things off with a new, uptempo song and not get caught up too much in the production. Perhaps that backfired a bit, but it gives me a good future post topic on how important an arrangement can be. Also, I promised some folks that I was launching the blog on August 13 and this is where that song was at the time.

      Thanks again for kicking off the discussion. I promise there is much more to come.


  2. Jeremy

    Wow. First of all I’m super impressed with the website. I shouldn’t be surprised at how well crafted and simple the UI is but I am. If this is the kind of thing you teach than you certainly practice what you preach (rhyme unintended)

    The song itself was fun. The initial kick-off got me very excited and sounded great. My only real issue was that the consistency in the music seemed to cause the lyrics (mostly in the verses) to blend too heavily and I found myself having trouble focusing on them when I wanted to. I think that’s also partially explained by the lack of change-ups that Davilyn already mentioned. Despite that blending, the melody sounded so great that I wasn’t as bothered as I could have been if the music was boring which it certainly wasn’t.

    I’ll listen to it a couple more times to see if I can get more from the lyrics on multiple listens. Overall you continue to impress me and I look forward to seeing lots of new stuff (and hopefully some of the old stuff I’ve become quite fond of) on this kick-ass new site you’ve put together


    1. Stephen Roberts Post author

      Thanks Jer.
      I can’t take credit for the UI as I’m just using the Twenty Twelve WordPress theme, but I was almost convinced to go with the much more colourful and brand new Twenty Thirteen theme. I spent two days trying to bend it to my will and then realized I really wanted a simpler theme to make it more about the music. I even ditched several pretty cool headers in favour of simplicity.
      As far as the song goes, I appreciate your comments. You will find the lyrics in the post that follows the song post with the audio. I know that’s no substitute for hearing them in the song, so when I get around to more than a rough mix on this song, I’ll keep you comments in mind.


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