Lyrics for Baby, Let’s Just Be

Baby, Let’s Just Be

© 2014 Stephen K. Roberts

Sometimes I feel like a lump,
Of unrealized potential,
I used to think that I was on my way,
To being something special.

But I get distracted,
By things that don’t matter,
And I’ve followed far too many dead end trails.

As the years slip by it’s plain to see,
I’m not the man I’d hoped to be,
I’m primed to find a new philosophy,
Baby, let’s just be.

When we were young we both had dreams,
Of all that we could be,
I searched the ground for rocks, the sky for stars,
You were your mamma’s prodigy.

But I got distracted,
By my ignorance of beauty,
And you gave it up for any chance at love.

Now you’re stuck with me and I with you,
Is there anything you’d rather do?
I’m more than fine, so speaking selfishly,
Baby, let’s just be.

I want and you want and they want,
But it’s all just a taunt from society,
Let’s give and let’s take this chance to remake,
Our own reality.

Consumerism everywhere, well I’m not sold,
It ain’t consuming me.
You want to run away, escape,
But if you’re looking to be free,

Don’t get distracted,
By things that don’t matter,
Know there’s lots to learn down every dead end trail.

I’m content to travel anywhere,
Destination, I don’t care,
Everything I need is here with me,
Baby, let’s just be.

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