Lyrics for Shortcomings

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© 2016 Stephen K. Roberts

I’m forthcoming,
’Bout my shortcomings,
And she’s not going, going, going, going gone,
That’s how we get along.

’Long as I’m not preachy,
We get along real peachy,
No need to get along, get along, get along, get along little doggie,
’S all okey-dokey.

I used to run around this town,
Without a single care,
Now the thought of disappointing her,
Is more than I can bear.

I’m forthcoming,
‘Bout my shortcomings,
I’ve been hushin’ and pushin’ my demons far aside,
But wear my scars with pride.

Proud to kiss her sweetly,
I give myself completely,
I gotta give it up, give it all, face the test, break this wall of doubt,
That’s what I figured out.

I still mess up, still let her down,
That’s the nature of this beast,
But now I’m doin’ everything I can,
Where I used to do my least.

I’m forthcoming,
’Bout my shortcomings,
And she is patience, goodness beauty to my eyes,
That’s why this bad boy cries.

Cries of joy, not sorrow,
If she’s with me tomorrow,
And then the next day, no way, one day at a time,
For now we’re doin’ fine.

’Cause I’m forthcoming,
’Bout my shortcomings,
And she’s not goin’, goin’, goin’,
Goin’ gone!

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